• Indextra mentioned in Health Tech Newspaper: 83% of doctors see patients who have already self-diagnosed

    “Research from medical resource library app, Indextra, has revealed that 83% of doctors are regularly seeing patients who have already self-diagnosed using online sources.

    This is resulting in the vast majority (79%) of doctors feeling under increasing pressure to be even more knowledgeable. Indextra is a new medical resource library app that includes over 500 resources from textbooks to drug-guides and clinical guidelines. Launched this month, it packs essential medical resources into one easy-to-use app helping doctors optimize their time by providing credible and up-to-date resources at the touch of a button.”





  • 92% of doctors searching online are concerned with the objectivity of the search results.

    Read the full article on Digital Health Age about Indextra and how our new medical resource library app could support doctors in their day-to-day practice


    Doctors are under increasing pressure to be more knowledgeable, to diagnose patients quickly ,and more likely to seek a second opinion online according to a survey by new medical resource library app Indextra.

    The research revealed that 83% of doctors say they are regularly seeing patients who have already self-diagnosed using online sources, with 79% of doctors suggesting they feel under pressure to be more knowledgeable, and 76% feeling the need to diagnose their patients quickly as waiting times for appointments have reached a 10-year high.

    88% of doctors surveyed say would turn to online resources such as Google or Wikipedia for a second opinion but 92% of those searching online are concerned with the objectivity of the search results. Read more

  • Average wait for a doctor’s appointment is now 2 weeks.

    Could digital tools help cut queues?

    Surgery waiting lists are at a ten-year highi. The NHS is struggling to meet patient wait-time targets, there are now 4.3m patients waiting for an operation in the UK – the highest number in a decadei. This is not only restricted to those on surgery lists; patients up and down the country are waiting much longer to see their doctor. The average wait time is now 2 weeksii and GPs are seeing up to 70 patients a day.iii


    New research from Indextra shows that doctors feel under increasing pressure (76%) to give a quick diagnosis to help ease waiting timesiv. This, coupled with the fact that 83% of doctors regularly see patients who have already self-diagnosed using online sources, is leading many doctors (79%) to feel increased pressure to be more knowledgeableiv.

    The issue with patient waiting times is partly down to an increase in demand for NHS services; however, NHS figures also show there is a steep increase in mental health referrals. More young people are seeking treatment for mental health problems with the number rising to around 400,000v. Services are struggling to cope with the influx of patients and NHS England admits only a quarter of those diagnosed with a mental health problem, receive treatment for this illnessv. Indextra’s research shows that of the topics doctors most needing a second opinion on or additional support, this was one of the most commonly cited areasiv.

    Advances in the digitalisation of healthcare is one area, which could help improve the diagnosis, treatment and management of patients. Indextra’s research shows that over four-fifths (84%) of doctors agreeiv. It is hoped the recent government-funding boost of £20bn will go some way to bringing down the numbers, although understaffing could be a barrier to improvement. However, in the meantime, Indextra is potentially one way to help optimise doctors’ time and relieve some of these pressures.

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