• Indextra in Health Tech Digital: Waiting time pressure and the rise of online self-diagnosis is causing stress for UK doctors

    Magnus Olofsson, product manager at Indextra said: “We are really excited to launch the Indextra app as a resource that will support doctors in their day-to-day practice. By making key medical resources available to practitioners in this app format, we can help them to access the validated, credible information that they need quickly and on the go.”

    “Our research revealed that over four fifths (84%)i of doctors agree that digital tools need to be embraced by the profession in the same way that they are already embraced by patients and we believe this launch will help doctors do just that!”

    Read full story here: https://www.healthtechdigital.com/waiting-time-pressure-and-the-rise-of-online-self-diagnosis-is-causing-stress-for-uk-doctors/


  • Indextra mentioned in Health Tech Newspaper: 83% of doctors see patients who have already self-diagnosed

    “Research from medical resource library app, Indextra, has revealed that 83% of doctors are regularly seeing patients who have already self-diagnosed using online sources.

    This is resulting in the vast majority (79%) of doctors feeling under increasing pressure to be even more knowledgeable. Indextra is a new medical resource library app that includes over 500 resources from textbooks to drug-guides and clinical guidelines. Launched this month, it packs essential medical resources into one easy-to-use app helping doctors optimize their time by providing credible and up-to-date resources at the touch of a button.”